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The Open Platform for Mobile Payments

CardFlight provides the tools for you to easily integrate in-person payments within your own mobile applications.


We provide the hardware

Our encrypted magnetic stripe reader works with virtually any iOS and Android device!

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Cardflight code

Just a few lines of code

Integrates easily into your own app flow. Just include our SDK and we'll take care of the rest!

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We support your processor

You can shop around for the best rate and we'll work with the one that works best for you! We support all the major processors.

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Keep control of your user experience

CardFlight lets you keep control of your product, so you can accept payments within your own app with your same in-app user experience.

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Don't take our word. We have happy customers.

"We were really scratching our heads on how to realize a Point of Sale device with our current web only payment processor. CardFlight jumped in at the right moment to help us bring a production ready solution in less than a week to our retail locations."

Peloton yong90

Yony Feng

CTO at Peloton

“CardFlight is the first payments platform that works the way we need, enabling payment processing between our users and their customers”

Glen coates90

Glen Coates

CEO at Handshake Corp

“We had this idea for the zoo but couldn’t find the right middleware to power it. Luckily, I found CardFlight which gave me the hardware, software and support I needed to make this happen.”

Scott acker90

Scott Acker

President/Founder at Heck of an IDEA

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